How to Secure Multi-Packs with Shelf Appeal

How to Secure Multi-Packs with Shelf Appeal

Did you know that many of the food items you see in the grocery store have been co-packed? Food manufacturers often turn to co-packing (contract packaging) to transform their product, from raw and unpackaged, to shelf-ready. Decreased costs, increased product visibility and flexibility are some of the top reasons they choose to outsource the packaging of their product.

You may have also seen products bundled together as a twin-pack or multi-pack. Bundles are a major part of co-packing. According to the Association for Packaging and Processing, 50% of manufacturers said they are making changes to their packaging operations based on retail store requirements. Of these requirements, there has been an increase of requests for multi-packs/bundles.

One key to producing an aesthetically pleasing, secure multi-pack is using the right adhesive during the packaging process. Not all adhesives are made alike. You will need an adhesive that can maintain your product image and secure your products together until removal by the consumer.

Adhesive Squares double-sided tape provides an efficient solution to your multi-unit packaging needs.

Exactly how can Adhesive Squares optimize your food packaging process?

• Instant bond                                                                                                                               Increased Production
• Simple, easy-to-use application
• Discrete, invisible bond—unlike tape                                                                                    Maximum Shelf Appeal
• Strong, removable hold
• No residue                                                                                                                                  Reduced Costs


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