Use the Right Glue for Your Marketing Fulfillment

Use the Right Glue for Your Marketing Fulfillment

Are you a contract packager that offers fulfillment of marketing collateral? If so, learn how Adhesive Squares double-sided tape on a liner with pressure-sensitive adhesives can make your process easier and more cost efficient when adhering promotional materials.

Adhesive Squares seal self-mailers so that they can be easily opened, or affix items such as gift cards so that they’re easily removable. These are just a few of the many ways you can use Adhesive Squares in your marketing fulfillment.

More Uses of Adhesive Squares:

• Attach credit cards, discount cards or membership cards
• Affix free product samples
• Attach mail-back rebate cards, surveys or questionnaires
• Create mass mailers
• Include inserts or brochures

Why Use Adhesive Squares?

• General ease of use
• Easy release liner = easy application
• Alternative to glue tipping machines for complex jobs
• Available many sizes and profiles for custom jobs
• Clean removal to preserve brand image
• Safer application vs. hot melt glues
• Dispensing options: upright dispenser box or adhesive gun for ergonomic application

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of using Adhesive Squares double-sided tape, our technical team would be happy to discuss your application and guide you through the process. Contact us at or 1-800-844-1740.