Engineer Adhesive Squares™ with the Build-A-Bond™ Design Tool


Meet Exact Application Specs

With Build-A-Bond™, you can customize an adhesive to match the exact specifications your application demands.

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What Are Adhesive Squares™?

Not all application needs can be met by a standard, off-the-shelf solution. Adhesive Squares™ are double-sided, individual pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) squares that instantly bond a wide variety of materials. Available in a variety of dimensions, thicknesses and tack levels, Adhesive Squares™ can be customized to meet the exact specifications of your application.  

Improve Your Gluing Process:

  • No Heat
    Eliminate burns in your production facility and maximize overall operator safety.
  • Instant Bond 
    No more waiting for adhesive to cure! Increase your productivity with zero dry time.
  • Exact Application Amount
    Reduce variability in application, reduce non-conformances and reduce waste.
  • Easy to Use 
    Application requires little to no training. Simply place, press and peel!

What Our Customers Say:

RS Industrial was happy to work with us to design a product that met our needs, at a reasonable price, and I really appreciated their superb customer service. They checked with us often to make sure we were satisfied, made sure our delivery arrived on time, and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future!"

Greg R.
Founder/CEO, Product Assembly

How to Use Build-A-Bond™:


Choose desired dimensions using sliders or input.


Use drop-down menu to select more options.


Include any additional details in notes section.


Click "Submit Your Bond" button.


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