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Custom Adhesive Squares™ Double-Sided Tape

Our ability to formulate custom double-sided tape into any size or shape serves assembly and packaging industries requiring more than a ½” dot of glue. We offer large preformed adhesive squares, strips and patches for these larger surface area applications.

Bring us your challenge, and we’ll design our Adhesive Squares™ to match your exact specs!

Any Size Square


Any Size Patch


Any Size Strip


Double-Sided Tape in Larger Strips and Patches

Many applications require more than a 1/2″ dot of adhesive. That’s where Adhesive Squares™ double-sided tape provides a second set of helping hands. From large to smaller scale applications, Adhesive Squares™ are designed to match your exact specifications. Our range of assorted bond levels allows you to choose the level of adhesion your application requires, whether removable or permanent. Visit Build-A-Bond™ to engineer your custom product.

Temporary Assist

  • Hold almost any substrate in place until fastened, or your final adhesive cures

Permanent Bond

  • From large to small-scale applications

Increased Lean Manufacturing

  • An efficient solution for your multi-stage processes

Any Spec You Need

  • Designed in hours to match your exact product specifications

Begin Engineering Your Custom Double-Sided Tape