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Double-Sided Film Tape for Protective Packaging

Insulation and Packing

Securing and protecting the contents of your packaging is important before sending your product on its way. Once products ship, they begin the journey of rough handling, temperature extremes and other harsh conditions before reaching their final destination. Adhesive Squares™ brand double-sided film tape is designed to secure foam, generally EPS, to corrugated cardboard to provide stability. This absorbs shock and insulates your product during transit.

Pallet Stabilization

There’s always the risk for damage to occur before, during and after the shipping process. This means your pallets can never be too protected. Adhesive Squares™ brand double-sided tape acts as a great pallet stabilizer by gluing boxes to one another. What about removability? Adhesive Squares™ brand double-sided tapes are completely removable once your pallet has reached its destination.

Labeling and Tagging

Labeling and tagging your pallet loads is an efficient way to support your logistics and supply chain management efforts. The ability to communicate important information and instructions to personnel helps to make sure your shipping and handling goes as smooth as possible. Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesives are double-sided adhesives used to instantly—and permanently—secure these important details to pallet loads.

Corner Boards

We know how important it is to keep your palletized loads safe from damage during shipping and handling. Corner boards and edge protectors provide durable protection and support to improve stacking strength and maintain load integrity. Adhesive Squares™ brand double-sided tape provides an instant, yet removable bond that secures corner boards and edge protectors to keep your pallets safe from any damage. Since unsecured edge/corner boards can put your pallet load at risk, we provide an adhesive designed to adhere to pallets for reinforcement, stabilization and protection.