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Adhesive Squares Double-Sided Tape

What are Adhesive Squares?

Adhesive Squares is a double-sided tape with pressure-sensitive adhesives available in many sizes, thicknesses, and tack levels. These customizable, preformed adhesives are formulated for easy release from the liner and increased adhesion to instantly bond many surfaces. Each adhesive square, strip and patch is designed to a uniform thickness. This results in a strong, consistent bond.

Key Benefits of Adhesive Squares

  • Instant bond increases productivity
  • No heat reduces burns and other safety issues
  • Exact application amount maintains product quality
  • Ease of use requires little to no training when applying

The Safe and Easy-to-Use Gluing Alternative to Liquid Hot Melts

Perhaps you are researching which liquid hot melt to use or are currently using one for your application. Did you know that there’s a faster and easier way to get the bond you need? Adhesive Squares double-sided tape is the smart choice for many applications where you may be applying a traditional liquid hot melt. Unlike liquid hot melts, the major difference is that Adhesive Squares do not require heat to activate, but are applied at room temperature instead.

Advantages of Double-Sided Tape over Liquid Hot Melts

  • Eliminate burns, increasing worker safety
  • Instant adhesion eliminates extended compression time
  • Applied straight out of the box, no equipment, minimal setup
  • Exact adhesive amount provides product quality


In-Stock Products

We stock standard squares, patches, and strips ready for quick delivery. Visit the Build-A-Bond page to engineer your own Adhesive Squares product! Or try Adhesive Squares risk free by ordering one of our Sample Kits.

What Do the Part Numbers Mean?

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