Don’t Miss this Vital Step in Product Development

Don’t Miss this Vital Step in Product Development

Bringing a product to market can be a tedious process. From conception and research to packaging and production, it’s easy to overlook a crucial step that can save your company thousands of dollars – packaging design testing.

As a powerful marketing tool, packaging serves as the “face” of a product. Often, it is a customer’s first experience with a product. But what if the packaging doesn’t meet their expectations?

Unlike other aspects of marketing, packaging changes are difficult to make unless a brand halts mid-production or pulls the product to start over. Even then, these changes are costly.

Since packaging is a major investment, testing beforehand can provide valuable insight into how well it will do with shoppers and how you can improve it. Methodologies, such as eye tracking, give brands the opportunity to check whether their packaging will appeal to the target audience.

What Makes a Good Packaging Design?

According to a recent article in Packaging Strategies, “The Critical Role Packaging Design Testing Plays in Product Development,” there are three questions that brands should consider during the packaging design process:

  1. Does the packaging grab a customer’s attention?
  2. Does the packaging drive purchase intent?
  3. Does the packaging represent brand in a consistent and positive way?

No single factor makes a good packaging design. Rather, it comes down to having an appealing design that stands out, is highly functional and conveys the right brand image.

What are your thoughts on packaging design testing? How has it benefited your product development process?

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