Packaging Expectations Increase as Online Grocery Rises

Packaging Expectations Increase as Online Grocery Rises

Remember when weekly trips to the grocery store to fill your shopping cart with bread, cereal, produce and other household goods were the only option? Today, consumers can save time by getting groceries shipped directly to their doorstep.

No longer a luxury of the future, online grocery shopping is here and thriving. Earlier this year, the Food Marketing Institute and Nielson forecasted that 70% of consumers will be purchasing groceries online by 2024.

As online grocery shopping continues to grow, so does the importance of packaging. In our recent infographic showing packaging trends for 2018 by market research company Mintel, packaging will be a focus for e-commerce retailers. Shoppers may want convenience, but they don’t want to sacrifice the packaging experience or the package’s ability to clearly communicate important information.

Easy to Order, Difficult to Package

There are a few challenges manufacturers can run into with online packaging. Making sure the design is consistent with what’s displayed on the web is one of them. Issues can occur when the packaging design gets updated, but the website does not –or, if retailers ship out the old version. When packaging doesn’t match customer expectations, there may be less trust in the brand, manufacturer and retailer.

There’s also the risk of third-party sellers not having the latest technology to ensure food items are packaged properly. Food items may arrive bruised or broken, compromising food quality.

Shipping products to consumers can also require different packaging than what is sitting on store shelves. There’s a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials as well as end use requirements that make packaging and shipping more complex.

We Understand Your Food Packaging Challenges

We understand the demands of e-commerce growth, particularly in food packaging. Adhesives, although a small part of the packaging process, can largely impact the branding and integrity of food packaging.

Adhesive Squares, a double-sided tape that uses pressure-sensitive adhesives, provides an instant bond to help ensure your product arrives safely at the customer’s doorstep. It can be the perfect solution for primary product packaging and secondary case and carton sealing.

For more information, contact our technical service team and tell us a little bit about your application. We’re always available to help you find the best solution for your process!