Simplify Your Reworking Process for Food Packaging

Simplify Your Reworking Process for Food Packaging

Manufacturers in food packaging often face the inconvenience of reworking or repackaging their products. From pop-opens in the plant to last-minute quality inspections, there are a variety of reasons why repackaging/reworking may be necessary.

Reworking can increase your costs and hurt your bottom line, but with the help of Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesive dots, your product can cost-effectively go from non-compliant to a finished good in no time.

Adhesive Squares™ are double-sided pressure sensitive adhesives that provide an instant bond. Reworking packaging can be a hassle, but Adhesive Squares™ provide a quick and easy-to-use solution for securing your packaging. Simply place the adhesive where you want to apply it, press it, and peel the liner. There is no learning curve with Adhesive Squares™.

Unlike tape, which is clearly visible, Adhesive Squares™ cannot be outwardly seen on the reworked package. This allows for discrete adhesion which does not easily distinguish when a package has been reworked.

The instant bond and simple application of Adhesive Squares™ cuts down on the time it takes to rework your packaging so you can focus on other processes in your facility. For more information about how Adhesive Squares™ can simplify your packaging process, contact us at 1-800-844-1740 or

You may not be able to plan for unexpected reworking or repackaging, but you can plan to be prepared with Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesive dots.

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