RS Industrial Announces New Rubber-Based Adhesive

RS Industrial Announces New Rubber-Based Adhesive

RS Industrial has introduced Adhesive Squares™ T, an innovative and aggressive double-sided PSA that offers a strong, instant bond combined with high heat resistance, making it versatile enough to accommodate a wide variety of applications.

Since the new adhesive is rubber-based, it provides a strong bond that forms faster compared to an acrylic adhesive. It does not require 24 hours of dwell time that is typical of an acrylic-based PSA.

“This is a very unique product, because rubber-based PSAs are not typically known for their high heat resistance,” said Matthew Ingerson, Technical Service Analyst at RSI. “Yet, T provides superior heat resistance and an instant, full strength bond to give customers peace of mind for their specific application.”

Adhesive Squares™ T is ideal for packaging, case and carton sealing and point of purchase displays, to name a few applications. It can bond a wide variety of substrates, such as paper, plastic and metal.

This product is the newest addition to the Adhesive Squares™ line of pressure sensitive adhesives.

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