Adhesive Squares™ Provide Secure Shipping Solution

When shipping items such as precious metals and other valuables, there is always the risk of damage or theft. We understand how important it is for shipping boxes to be securely sealed so that contents are protected from such occurrences. Fortunately, Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesive dots make sure your valuables arrive safely and securely in the same condition as when they left.

Adhesive Squares™ are dependable pressure-sensitive adhesives on a release liner custom formulated for maximum adhesion. They seamlessly seal boxes to provide a discrete and tamper-evident containment solution as opposed to visible packaging tape. With 27% more substrate surface area than a circle, Adhesive Squares™ offer more gripping power per square inch for stronger adhesion! They can also be customized in any size or shape to fit your secure shipping needs. Contact us at or 1-800-844-1740 to find out how Adhesive Squares™ can be used for your application.

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