Try Assembly Squares™ for A Permanent Assembly Solution

There are a variety of methods that can be used for permanent assembly, yet few of them are able to improve the process and end use performance of a product like a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Manufacturers commonly use welding and mechanical fastening for assembly purposes, but may not realize the many benefits that a PSA can offer.

Achieving permanent adhesion within the assembly process is simple with Adhesive Squares™ Assembly Squares. Adhesive Squares™ are a double-sided, preformed hot melt adhesive that provides a cost-effective and faster assembly solution than mechanical fastening or welding.

Adhesive Squares™ work by providing immediate adhesion that requires no cure time, but allows enough flexibility so that substrates can be situated before bonding. These permanent squares can be customized to your exact product design specifications, conforming to hard-to-reach areas and irregularly shaped surfaces.

Unlike fasteners, Adhesive Squares™ are less costly, and distribute forces over a large coverage area rather than focusing on a single stress joint. They require minimal labor and cleanup as they seamlessly bond substrates without adding additional weight to your finished product. Adhesive Squares™ also enhance a product’s appearance; fasteners are often distracting and difficult to conceal once a product is assembled. Another benefit of using Adhesive Squares™ is that they provide an insulating seal as well as sound and vibration control.

Adhesive Squares™ save time and decrease the cost typically associated with product assembly. They are available in over 25 in-stock sizes for immediate delivery, or can be customized to match your needs.

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