Achieve Temporary Hold for Assembly Processes with Assembly Squares™

Since the assembly process can be time consuming and costly, manufacturers are always looking for ways to increase speed and efficiency while keeping costs down. Equally important is the desire that these methods improve the overall process without affecting the quality of the final product. A temporary adhesive, such as a PSA, can solve these issues.

Achieving temporary hold within the assembly process can be greatly improved with Adhesive Squares™ Assembly Squares. While structural adhesives are one of the strongest assembly methods used, their cure time can be problematic. Assembly Squares provide a time-saving and cost-saving solution by holding substrates in place while your structural adhesive reaches final cure.

Adhesive Squares™ are also a more efficient alternative to mechanical fasteners during the assembly process. Mechanical fastening takes time and is expensive since labor is required to insert and often remove the fasteners. Adhesive Squares™ are easy to apply, and provide an instant tack that is weightless as your product is moved to various locations during a multi-stage assembly process. These pressure-sensitive adhesives also allow for repositioning and have the ability to cover an entire area as opposed to a single concentrated stress point.

Another benefit of Adhesive Squares™ is they offer 27% more substrate surface area coverage than an equivalent circular adhesive dot. They can also be customized to match any design specifications.

Not only do they provide a temporary hold, but are strong enough to provide a permanent assembly solution. Adhesive Squares™ better facilitate your assembly processes by reducing costs and speeding up your production efficiencies.
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