Create Impactful Point of Purchase Displays with Adhesive Squares™

Point of purchase displays are a critical part of successful marketing. We understand how important it is for them to appear professional and aesthetically appealing to the customer’s eye. With Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesive dots, you can get a fully customizable solution available in any shape or size to meet your POP display requirements. This capability allows for a flawless display that’s sure to draw customers’ attention to your products.

Since point of purchase displays present customers with valuable first impressions, we provide a durable adhesive designed to instantly bond displays across various markets, such as food and beverage, consumer goods, electronics and medical. Adhesive Squares™ are used during the entire process of POP production and assembly, including manufacturing and shipping. These pressure-sensitive adhesives leave no residue, mess or odor, so that your products are attractively displayed while preserving your brand image. Contact us to find out more about using Adhesive Squares™ to create an eye-catching display.