Keeping It Together When Your Packaging Design Goes Bold

Keeping It Together When Your Packaging Design Goes Bold

Bright, vivid colors are a trend topping everyone’s list of 2017 predictions for packaging design. Competition on the store shelves is fierce, so what better way to catch the eye of a consumer?

Many designers are treating product packaging like an abstract art canvas, applying vibrant colors and geometric patterns. But did you know that heavily inked and coated surfaces can affect other parts of the packaging process, like adhesion?

If you plan on taking your packaging to greater heights with color, it is helpful to know how a high-impact design may impact adhesive performance. Vibrant ink colors are often printed on high gloss or clay coated paper stock, enhancing the visual experience for the consumer. These inks are often printed on nooks and crannies, taking up valuable real estate where glue is typically applied to flaps. These types of packaging can make it difficult for adhesive to penetrate beneath the surface and form a bond.

You may have an impressive design, but what if the adhesive fails to hold the package together or leaves behind a messy residue? You don’t want retailers to reject your product or consumers to overlook it because of poor packaging aesthetics.

Double-Sided Tape Balances Packaging Design and Quality

Double-sided tape on a liner with rubber-based adhesive securely bonds product packaging, while maintaining packaging design quality. This type of double-sided tape instantly bonds upon compression to penetrate difficult-to-bond surfaces, like high gloss and clay coated paper stock.

Unlike liquid hot melts, you can apply double-sided tape without potential stringing that could otherwise distract from your packaging design. Clear and discrete, this rubber-based adhesive works seamlessly with your packaging design to elevate your brand image.

Our line of Adhesive Squares double-sided tape allows you to create highly visual packaging without worrying how it will stay together during transit or on store shelves. Want to discuss your specific packaging application? Contact our technical service team at 1-800-844-1740 or use the contact form below. We’re here 24/7 to help you find the right solution for your packaging needs.