Maximize Your Brand Image with the Right Adhesive

Maximize Your Brand Image with the Right Adhesive

Packaging speaks volumes without ever saying a word. Packaging can evoke emotions. It can make us feel nostalgic, trusting, modern and trendy, or perhaps even eco-conscious.

Packaging is often how your customer first perceives your brand. Since you only get one shot at a first impression, you want to be sure your packaging leaves a good one. A good impression can be the deciding factor of whether or not the customer decides to purchase your product.

When you think of packaging first impressions, the adhesive isn’t something you immediately consider. It may be one of the smallest parts of your packaging, but what if the adhesive leaves a messy residue behind? What if it distracts from, rather than enhances your packaging?

After developing your brand image, the last thing you want to do is take away from it. Using Adhesive Squares double-sided tape is one way contract packagers can preserve their customers’ brand image. This type of pressure-sensitive adhesive is often used to secure bundles, product samples, inserts, rebate cards and more.

Double-sided tape provides:

  • Invisible bond
  • Clean removal
  • Instant bond to prevent loose attachments or pop-opens

Packaging professionals are always seeking efficient ways to maximize brand impact without sacrificing image. Our line of Adhesive Squares double-sided tape ensures that you are able to get an instant, clean bond while maintaining your brand image. To find out more information about Adhesive Squares or to request a product sample, contact our technical team at 1-800-844-1740 or use the contact form below.