Easy Carpet Tile Installation with Double-Sided Tape

Easy Carpet Tile Installation with Double-Sided Tape

We can all agree that an easy-to-use product makes our jobs and lives less stressful. The easier a product is to use, the faster it makes your process.

In case you missed our last post, we mentioned the three benefits of using a double-sided tape to install carpet tiles. One major benefit that we didn’t cover (we thought it was deserving of its own post) is ease of use.

Some carpet tile installation methods have a few barriers that can slow down the process or make it more difficult. Double-sided tape is an easy-to-use solution that can reduce some common carpet installation pains.

What Makes Double-Sided Tape Easy to Use?

  • No learning curve – Double-sided tape requires little to no training for workers to easily complete carpet tile installation
  • Ready to apply – Pressure-sensitive, double-sided tape comes in uniform consistency, ready to apply to carpet tiles. Unlike liquid carpet adhesives, they don’t require you to calculate the adhesive amount for consistent coverage. Double-sided tape, like Adhesive Squares, already provides the adequate amount of adhesive needed.
  • Quick application – Traditional carpet adhesives commonly require application by spray, roller or trowel. Spreading the adhesive over the entire floor can be time consuming. Using an adhesive transfer gun, pressure-sensitive, double-sided adhesive strips can be quickly applied to the carpet tile in several key anchor points.
  • Fewer application points – Double-side tape requires only a single strip per anchor point be applied to the carpet tile. Many double-sided tapes require multiple adhesive sections per anchor point. Applying one strip eliminates having to count individual dots of adhesive during application, decreasing the chance of user error.
Here, you can see how adhesive strips are easily applied to the anchor points of a carpet tile.

Here, you can see how adhesive strips are easily applied to the anchor points of a carpet tile.

Our product line of Adhesive Squares offers a full carpet tile adhesive system for fast and easy installation. To learn more about Adhesive Squares and the GlueGlider ONE adhesive applicator, call us at 1-800-844-1740 or use the contact button below to discuss your application with one of our technical analysts.

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