Assembly Squares Accommodate Growing Appliance Market

Assembly Squares Accommodate Growing Appliance Market

We live in a modern world where we rely heavily on appliances, such as washing machines, ovens and dishwashers to do our household tasks. According to the Adhesive and Sealants Industry magazine, the global market for these appliances is expected to reach 1.5 billion units by 2020. As the manufacture of household appliances increases, so does the need for adhesives during assembly and packaging of these products.

The instant bond of Assembly Squares™ is perfect for applications that require temporary or permanent adhesion. These double-sided, pressure-sensitive adhesives act as a second set of hands during appliance assembly, providing a temporary assist for components prior to mechanical fastening.

Additionally, Assembly Squares™ help insulate the product through protective packaging. We know how important it is to protect products like electric ranges, refrigerators and microwave ovens during shipping, handling and end use. That’s why our Assembly Squares™ are designed to secure foam, generally EPS, to corrugated cardboard for further stability. This absorbs shock and insulates your product during transit and end use.

Unlike traditional liquid glues, Assembly Squares™ have an unlimited range of tack. This makes them suitable for application to larger surface areas. Assembly Squares™ are also available in custom-sized patches and strips to match your exact product specifications.

Assembly Squares™ increase your lean manufacturing and are a cost-saving solution for your multi-stage assembly processes. For more information on Assembly Squares™, or to request a free sample, contact us at 1-800-844-1740 or