Assembly Squares Aid in Automobile Weight Reduction

Weight reduction is an increasingly growing priority in the automotive design and manufacturing industry. As the marketplace demands lighter and more efficient vehicles, fastening methods have become one of the focal points in reducing the weight of an automobile. According to Eureka, an online publication dedicated to engineering design, the use of adhesive tapes as a fastening method in the automotive industry is on the rise.

Assembly Squares by Adhesive Squares are double-sided, preformed pressure-sensitive adhesives that act as a lightweight fastening solution. They form a clean and durable bond that distributes stress equally over a large coverage area rather than focusing on a single stress joint. Assembly Squares work by providing instant adhesion that requires no cure time. They can be customized to your exact product design specifications, conforming to hard-to-reach areas and irregularly shaped surfaces.

Unlike fasteners, Assembly Squares are less costly and easy to use. They require minimal labor and cleanup as they seamlessly bond substrates without adding additional weight to your finished product. Assembly Squares also enhance a product’s appearance; fasteners are often distracting and difficult to conceal once a product is assembled. Another benefit of using Assembly Squares is that they provide an insulating seal as well as sound and vibration control.

Assembly Squares meet the needs of automobile manufacturers to help create lightweight vehicles while saving time and decreasing the cost typically associated with automobile assembly as well as other product assemblies. For more information about Assembly Squares or to request a product sample, contact us at 1-800-844-1740 or