5 Reasons Double-Sided Tape Makes Contract Packaging Easier

5 Reasons Double-Sided Tape Makes Contract Packaging Easier

If you follow the Squared Away blog, you’ll notice that we’ll be focusing on contract packaging in the upcoming weeks. And there’s a good reason for that. Since 2008, the contract packaging industry has more than doubled in growth, according to a report from the Contract Packaging Association. The report was published in 2014, so imagine the growth that has occurred since.

As growth continues, co-packers need a reliable adhesive to help them meet the increasingly complex packaging demands they face. Although a small part of the process, adhesives play a huge role in making sure product packaging remains intact until it reaches the consumer. Adhesive Squares double-sided tape, specifically, offers many advantages for the contract packaging industry.

Adhesive Squares: What’s in it for Co-Packers?

  1. Quick Reworks

Reworking, or repackaging, can increase your costs and hurt your bottom line; however, Adhesive Squares offer a timely way to make products compliant and shelf-ready. Double-sided tape is safer than glue sticks and more discrete than traditional tape.

  1. Instant Bond

When you apply a double-sided tape, you don’t need to wait for the adhesive to cure. The moment you apply it and compress your substrates is the moment adhesion takes place. Instant bonding increases your process speed, increasing your production.

  1. Maintain Brand Image

Brand image relies heavily on the appearance of packaging. Adhesive Squares provide a bond that removes cleanly without damaging packaging or leaving behind residue. Preserving brand image allows your customers to rely on your for consumer appeal.

  1. User-Friendly Application

Easy-to-use adhesives ensure you spend less time figuring out how to apply them and more time fulfilling your customers’ packaging needs. Applying Adhesive Squares double-sided tape requires no learning curve and can be applied in three easy steps – place, press and peel.

  1. Tackle Variety of Substrates & Coatings

Manufacturers often turn to contract packagers to fulfill complex packaging needs. double-sided tape offers versatility to meet many requirements, whether it’s bonding metalized PET or being removable for consumers. Adhesive Squares are available in a variety of sizes and tack levels to fit your exact contract packaging application.

From bundles and gift baskets to point of purchase displays and sampling, our product line of Adhesive Squares double-sided tape provides a reliable bonding solution for many contract packaging applications. Want to chat with us about using our double-sided adhesive for your application? Call our technical service team at 1-800-844-1740 or use the contact form below.