Ways to Use the GlueGlider PRO+ Adhesive Applicator

Ways to Use the GlueGlider PRO+ Adhesive Applicator

Product ease of use is incredibly important, especially in a high-paced work environment. At RS Industrial, we know that an easy-to-use adhesive system, such as the GlueGlider PRO+, saves customers time and money.

The GlueGlider PRO+ is an ergonomically designed adhesive transfer gun that quickly dispenses our Adhesive Squares double-sided tape cartridges. Adhesive Squares cartridges are available in various profiles and tack levels. The handheld PRO+ provides an instant, clean bond for almost any application, in any industry.

Here are just a few ways the GlueGlider PRO+ can be used:

• Attachment of removable gift cards to flyers for a national restaurant chain
• Assembly of POP (point of purchase) displays in major retail stores
• Attachment of removable credit cards and other promotional items for direct marketing
• Case sealing of pop-opens in the field for a beverage contract packaging company
• Securing of outserts to medicine bottles for a pharmaceutical company
• Case sealing of pop-opens on a production line

With so many uses, find out how this cost-effective adhesive system can work for your specific application by contacting us at 1-800-844-1740 or info@adhesivesquares.com.