Adhesive Squares Provide Thin, Reliable Adhesive for Electronics

Adhesive Squares Provide Thin, Reliable Adhesive for Electronics

In recent years, the pressure-sensitive adhesive industry has been shaped by a number of trends—one of these being the use of thinner adhesive films and less adhesive. Electronics are a major driver, as the design of mobile phones and other devices become increasingly smaller and thinner.

Fortunately, our Adhesive Squares brand adhesive dots are the perfect solution for bonding and assembling components within electronic equipment. These pre-engineered adhesive patches can be formulated to a thickness as low as 1 mil to accommodate the need for a thin, yet reliable bond.

By providing a thin, consistent bond line that conforms to irregular surfaces, Adhesive Squares add more functionality to electronic devices, such as mobile phones, hard disk drives, touch screens/displays and more. Furthermore, Adhesive Squares can be customized in different shapes and sizes to fit the exact design specifications for your application.

Unlike liquid epoxies and mechanical fasteners, Adhesive Squares are simple to use, offer clean application, and require zero dry time. These benefits cut down on the time it takes to assemble electronic devices, increasing your production.

For more information on using Adhesive Squares for electronic devices as well as other applications, or to request a product sample, contact us at 1-800-844-1740 or We look forward to helping you find the right pressure-sensitive adhesive for your application!