4 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Adhesive for Bundling

In the past month, we’ve been focusing on bundling applications and the benefits of securing items together with a double-sided tape, like Adhesive Squares. While double-sided tape can be a great solution for attaching two or more items to be sold as a bundle co-pack, there are several factors we recommend considering before implementing a new solution.

As a manufacturer or contract packager, asking yourself these questions as well as discussing them with your adhesive supplier can help lead you to the best solution.

4 Factors to Consider:

  1. Automated vs. Manual – Is your current process automated or manual?
  2. Substrates/Materials – What materials will you be bonding?
  3. Product Dimensions – What is the size of your product?
  4. Product Orientation – How will products be placed as they are joined together?

Check out the infographic below for more detail on how these factors can impact your choice of adhesive for bundling applications.

 How to Choose an Adhesive: Multi-Pack Solutions

How to Choose an Adhesive: Multi-Pack Solutions


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