How are Adhesive Squares™ used in oversize packaging?

Box Forming & Closure

Protective Foam Attachment

Pallet Runner Attachment

Engineers, operators, and our customers all agree: Adhesive Squares™ give the ultimate package integrity and maximize ease of use.

Where you've traditionally used...

Glue Sticks


Press Seal

Packaging Tape

checks all of the boxes... and seals them, too.

Adhesive Squares™

Adhesive Squares™ is a high tack, double-sided adhesive film tape that’s easy to apply and offers instant bond strength. It consists of a dry, fast-tacking, pressure-sensitive adhesive and release liner which can be customized to suit any box size. Because of its unique infinite open-time, Adhesive Squares™ overcomes the weak, brittle, pre-cured bonds that can occur when gluing large boxes with hot melt glue sticks. And, because it needs no staples, heat, or time to dry, it can be applied neatly and safely without fear of damaging package contents or workers.  So GLUE BIG with Adhesive Squares™!

Instant Bond

Increases Productivity

Easy to Use

Requires Little to No Training

Safe to Use

Maximizes Safety

Strong Package Integrity

Handles Shipping Conditions

Adhesive Squares™ replaces these options:

  • Glue Sticks
  • Staples
  • Press Seal
  • Packaging TApe

Packaging Tape

Traditional packaging tape is one of the most common ways to seal a package. It’s fast and easy to use, requiring very minimal training. The downside of using tape is that it can distract from the brand image of a nicely packaged item. Packages with tape often appear “opened” on large, high-value items and are not appealing to customers.

Furthermore, the motion required to operate traditional packaging tape dispensers can cause fatigue for workers which, over time, could lead to repetitive stress injury. Adhesive Squares™ are a more ergonomic option.

Poor Visual Appeal

How have Adhesive Squares™ helped customers in the oversize box industry?

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