Manufacturer Receives Fast Solution for Difficult-to-Bond Substrate

In the manufacturing industry, companies sometimes encounter materials that can be difficult to bond. When a solution is needed right away, time is of the essence. So when a major hardwood floor manufacturer was seeking an adhesive for its hard-to-bond sample boards, the quick service it received made all the difference.

The customer began using a new board with a coating that made adhesion to wood floor samples difficult. Matthew Ingerson, RS Industrial technical analyst, quickly worked with Ross Scott Labs™ to find a solution.

After testing various adhesives to the board and samples, RSI recommended Adhesive Squares™ Assembly Squares 3” X 3” PowerTack patches on a perforated release liner for easy release and application.

Assembly Squares provide 27% more substrate surface area contact than a circle, offering more gripping power per square inch than a traditional high tack PSA, and the advanced formula of PowerTack makes it our strongest tack level yet.

 “In less than one week, we solved the customer’s issue with an adhesive that was able to successfully penetrate the coating to form a strong bond,” Ingerson said.

The newly implemented product provided the customer with a cost-effective solution in a timely manner, allowing the manufacturer to continue supplying their distributors with sample boards.

If you’re having trouble getting your substrates to bond or want more information about Adhesive Squares™ Assembly Squares, contact us at 1-800-844-1740 for a solution!