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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Dots for Product Assembly

If you’re an adhesive user in the assembly industry, it’s likely that your application requires more than a ½” dot of glue. For broader adhesive coverage and temporary to permanent adhesion tack levels, we offer Assembly Squares™. Assembly Squares™ are exactly the same as Adhesive Squares™, with the exception of size. Assembly Squares™ consist of our larger adhesive patches and strips.

Ranging from large scale automotive assembly to small scale assemblies, the instant bond of Assembly Squares™ is ideal for applications that require temporary to permanent adhesion. Assembly Squares™ are a cost-saving solution for multi-stage assembly processes.

Automotive Components

Weight reduction is an increasingly growing priority in the automotive design and manufacturing industry. As the marketplace demands lighter and more efficient vehicles, fastening methods have become one of the focal points in reducing the weight of an automobile. For instance, Assembly Squares™ have been used in applications to secure insulation for interior automotive seating.

Temporary Assist

If we all had two sets of hands, assembly would be a lot easier. Assembly applications often require a temporary assist to hold materials in place until your final adhesive cures or mechanical fastening takes place.

Without two sets of hands, what options do you have? Assembly Squares™ brand adhesive dots offer you the option of temporary hold. Double-sided pressure sensitive adhesives instantly bond your materials, yet are temporary so that you can reposition them if needed.

Foam Bonding

From vehicle seats and mattresses to protective packaging and appliance insulation, foam is used in many assembly applications. Assembly Squares™ brand adhesive dots instantly bond various types of foam, including polystyrene, polyurethane and high density.