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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Dots for Case and Carton Sealing/End of Line Packaging

Case & Carton Sealing

From the packaging line to its final destination, you want to be sure your product is securely packaged every step of the way. Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesive dots provide an instant bond that ensures your packaging will hold up, while also driving down labor costs and increasing your productivity. Pressure sensitive adhesive dots are a reliable solution for case and carton sealing as well as general packaging of consumer items.

Case & Carton Re-working/Re-sealing

From pop-opens in the plant to last-minute quality inspections, there are many reasons why repackaging/reworking may be necessary. Reworks are more than inconvenient; they can increase your costs and hurt your bottom line.

When your product is shelf-ready, the last thing you want is for the packaging to pop open and deter customers from making a purchase. Pressure sensitive adhesive dots like Adhesive Squares™ instantly seal product packaging and provide a last-minute solution to re-sealing unexpected pop-opens.

Unlike tape, which is clearly visible, Adhesive Squares™ are invisible and discrete, not calling attention to a package that has been reworked.