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Individual Squares
Bond Instantly 

Adhesive Squares makes gluing easy.

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Why Should I Use Adhesive Squares?

Adhesive Squares is an easy-to-use, double-sided tape with pressure-sensitive adhesive squares that adhere to a wide variety of materials. Increase your production line speeds, maximize plant safety with heat-free application, and meet quality standards with an exact adhesive amount each and every time.

How Are Adhesive Squares Different from Other Types of Glue?

Instant Bond

Zero dry time


Heat Free

Eliminate burns in your facility


Easy to Use

Apply with little to no training


Individual Squares

Reduce variability with exact adhesive amount


Various tack levels and sizes to match your specifications

Choose from 3 Different Kits:

Co-Packing Kit

  • Smaller format adhesive patches 
  • Great for co-packing, print and direct mail applications
  • Permanent or removable adhesive

What does this kit include?

Corrugated Bonding Kit

  • Larger format adhesive patches
  • Great for case and carton sealing and pre-applied sealing applications

What does this kit include?

Distributor Kit

  • Variety of small and large format adhesive squares, patches and strips
  • Provides an overview of all Adhesive Squares capabilities

What does this kit include?

About the Kit

A Selection of our Most Versatile Double-Sided Tape

In these free kits, you’ll receive an assortment of standard and custom double-sided tape designed to bond a wide range of materials. You’ll be able to try the adhesive for yourself to see just how easy it is to apply and bond your desired materials.

What Our Customers Have to Say:


When you are putting together mailers, these are the squares you want to have. Much easier to use!

 Abby E. 

 Direct Mail Customer 

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