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FAQ: Assembly Squares™

Assembly Squares™ are double-sided, pressure-sensitive adhesive dots in larger patches and strips available on a continuous or perforated release liner. They are formulated to create instant bonds for almost any assembly application.

Assembly Squares™ instantly bond almost any surface, including plastic, glass, metal, foam, wood, corrugate and more!

Assembly Squares are used in applications such as automotive, protective packaging, carpet tiles/flooring and bedding/furniture.

Unlike fasteners, Assembly Squares™ are less costly, and distribute forces over a large coverage area rather than focusing on a single stress joint. Assembly Squares™ are easy to apply, and provide an instant tack that is weightless as your product is moved to various locations during a multi-stage assembly process. Assembly Squares™ also enhance a product’s appearance; fasteners are often distracting and difficult to conceal once a product is assembled.

Assembly Squares™ are available in a wide range of bond levels, allowing you to choose the level of adhesion your application requires, whether it is temporary, permanent or somewhere in between. Take a look at our stocked product.

If we don’t have the product you need, we can custom produce Assembly Squares™ in any shape, size and thickness to meet your exact design specifications.

Assembly Squares™ can be purchased by calling 1-800-844-1740 or emailing They are also available for purchase through regional distributors.