FAQ:  ECO-Squares™ Brand Adhesive Dots

FAQ: ECO-Squares™ Brand Adhesive Dots

What qualifies ECO-Squares™ as biodegradable?
During 34 days of bio-methane potential testing performed by a third party lab, ECO-Squares™ showed 35% biodegradation.

At what point do ECO-Squares™ fully biodegrade?
Although we can’t say for sure yet, we are currently extending the length of our testing to determine this.

Will ECO-Squares™ start to biodegrade during product use?
No, ECO-Squares™ green adhesive only starts to biodegrade once they reach landfill conditions, where microorganisms, heat and pressure are applied.

What is the difference between ECO-Squares™ and Adhesive Squares™?
ECO-Squares™ are the newest biodegradable version of our Adhesive Squares™ in a high tack level.

Can ECO-Squares replace the product I’m using for a current application?
ECO-Squares™ provide a green adhesive solution for almost any application requiring a high tack level.

What substrates can ECO-Squares bond?
ECO-Squares™ double-sided, pressure-sensitive adhesive dots instantly bond almost any surface, including paper, plastic, glass, metal, foam, wood, cardboard and more!

Can ECO-Squares™ be customized?
If we don’t have the product you need, we can custom produce ECO-Squares™ in any shape, size and thickness to meet your exact specifications for both industrial and end user applications.

Where can I purchase ECO-Squares™?
ECO-Squares™ brand adhesive dots can be purchased by calling 1-800-844-1740 or emailing info@adhesivesquares.com. They will also available for purchase through Amazon Supply and other regional distributors.